About Us

Alma Park Zoo is set on 40 acres with 12 acres set under a rainforest canopy in Dakabin, Queensland.

We currently exhibit 100 species, with more than 200 individual animals.

We pride ourselves on providing a safe and affordable family day out while providing education and awareness through our displays, staff and unique animal interaction opportunities.

Our mission statement is to to create a unique and exciting experience in a natural environment that will empower the community to be involved in the conservation of wildlife and their environment

The Zoo site was originally a market garden.  Bill Williams established the zoo in 1969 as a native animal sanctuary.

Alma Park Zoo Map - January 2014

Alma Park Zoo Map – January 2014

Fountain Park – Alma Park Zoo

Bill Williams pioneered the transplanting of large established palms creating the current over story of the gardens.  Some palms within the zoo originate from Brisbane and are over 100 years old.

Bill also owned several palm nurseries.  He built Alma Road with the name made up of the 1st initials of the four adjoining landowners in the area.  In 1973 it was registered as a zoo with the acquisition of exotic animals.

The zoo was sold in 1981 to David and Erica Bailey.  The zoo was hand cleared of lantana by staff over a 2 year priod.  Under story gardens were established and the gardens went on to win multiple awards for their aesthetic qualities.  Many new species were acquired and additional enclosures were built.

The zoo was sold again in 2003 to a local Queensland Family and our efforts continue to provide visitors with a memorable experience.