The Parma Wallaby returns to Alma Park Zoo!

After a 6 year absence from the Zoo, we are pleased to announce that the Parma Wallaby has returned to Alma!

Delicate and small at only 1 metre long, the Parma Wallaby is the smallest member of the Macropod family.   Our new addition, Mopsy, is an adult Parma Wallaby, yet only tips the scales at 4.5kg.  In comparison to his larger relative – the Red Kangaroo who can reach a length of 3 metres long and weigh up to 85kg, Mopsy is a tiny addition to Alma Park Zoo’s family.

Parma wallabies are solitary, and usually only associate in only small numbers where resources such as food are abundant.   Because they are not in the social groupings seen in many other macropods, they have a very well developed repertoire of behaviours including noises to communicate their intentions when they do meet up.  They stamp their feet, quiver, tail wag and hiss and cough when meeting up.

Parma wallabies were once thought to have gone extinct after human settlement, due to predation by humans and dogs.  However, they were rediscovered in 1965 and this species is still listed as “Near Threatened” so it is important to preserve their forest habitats and control wild dog populations.

This species comes from forested areas in NSW, so are less represented here in Qld in zoos and not as easy to find.  For us it is great to have them back so public can observe the differences between Parmas, our Tasmanian Bennetts wallabies and their Qld cousins the Swamp wallabies.

Parma Wallaby photo by Teale Shapcott

Mopsy the Parma Wallaby © Teale Shapcott

The Swamp Wallaby

Swamp Wallaby photo by Teale Shapcott

Swamp Wallabies © Teale Shapcott

The Bennetts Wallaby

Photo of a Bennetts Wallaby by Teale Shapcott

Bennetts Wallaby © Teale Shapcott

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