Good Golly Miss Molly! You have twins!

Spring came early for Molly the Sheep of Friendship Farm!  On the 7th of August she gave birth to twin male lambs – one black and one white!

Molly herself is black and white, and she gave birth to two adorable boys.  One is white and the other black!  For a first time Mum, it was a little overwhelming for Molly initially.

However, with the a little help from our Ungulate (Hoofed Stock) Keepers, she soon got into the swing of motherhood.

Announcing my arrival!  Can you name me?

Announcing my arrival! Can you name me?

The twins getting bigger every day and bouncing around their paddock, delighting guests to Friendship Farm at Alma.

Both lambs have lovely temperaments like their Mum, Molly.  However, the little white male lamb has a more reserved nature than his darker brother!

The black lamb is certainly shaping up to be the little rebel ‘black sheep’ of this little family.

He loves a laugh as you can see from his photos and he also enjoys chasing and bouncing all over this brother during the day.

He has also learned how to work a crowd at Friendship Farm, drawing lots of smiles from guests with his enthusiastic tail wagging when he is drinking from Mum!


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Alma-FacebookCan you help us find good names for the twin lambs?  Join us on Facebook – to suggest a name for our lambs! If you don’t use Facebook, that is ok!  Simply post a comment below with what you think would be great names for these adorable little lambs!



A mothers love! Molly has adjusted well to being a first time Mum to twins!



Not one lamb, but two! :)


This little white lamb is very reserved, unlike his brother!

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