CeleBEARate Maly’s Birthday – Easter Weekend!

Maly the Sun Bear will be 5 years old this month and we are cele-BEAR-ating with a Teddy Bears Picnic at the Zoo on Easter Sunday March 31st!

Come to Alma Park Zoo on Easter Sunday, March 31st for a very special event – Maly is turning 5 and raising funds for Free the Bears!   We are cele-bear-ating with a Teddy Bears Picnic and all children who bring along their Teddy Bear for the Picnic will gain entry to the Zoo for $2!

Event Ambassadors

Ofcourse, Maly will be our Zoo Ambassador and Guest of Honor for this special event.    Maly is the only Sun Bear in Queensland.

She is encouraging all the children to bring their teddy bears to the Teddy Bears picnic on the day!

Special Activities Program

Sunday, March 31st

Time Activity Location
9.00am Alma Opens!
Please refer to Visitor Information for Admission Pricing.
10:30am Welcome to the Teddy Bears Picnic
Teddy Bear Health Checks by Dr Heather.
Presentation Park
10:45am Pinata Presentation Park
11:00 am Say hello to Maly – Sun Bear Keeper Presentation Sun Bear Enclosure
11:30 am Reptile Presentation.
Our Keepers present the Reptiles of Alma!.
Presentation Park
11.45 am Koala Presentation
Learn more about Koalas.
Presentation Park
12:00 pm Photo sessions with Koalas, Snakes & Crocs
Tickets for Koala Photos will be available from Palm Cafe.
Presentation Park
12:30 pm Birthday cake for Maly! Sunbear Enclosure
1:30 pm Birthday Party Games!  Tac the Tongue on Maly. Presentation Park
2:00 pm Koala Feeding & Photo Opportunities
Tickets for Koala Photos will be available from Palm Cafe.
Presentation Park
2:30 pm Maly opens her Birthday Presents! Sunbear Enclosure
4.00pm Alma closed.

Special Guests

Representatives from the Free the Bears Initiative will be our Special Guests for Maly’s Birthday.   Free the Bears (FTB) is a non-profit organisation working throughout Asia to protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears.

Through the creation and on-going support of world-class sanctuaries for the placement of rescued bears, FTB supports government authorities in the battle against the illegal wildlife trade which poses the single greatest threat to Sun bears, Sloth bears and Moon bears.

Free the Bears also supports the protection of wild bear populations through a number of environmental education initiatives, sustainable alternative livelihood programs for impoverished families, Protected Area staff training courses, and ground-breaking conservation research programs to assist Protected Area managers in targeting interventions to aid wild bear populations.


If you have any questions about our Celebrate Australia event, please leave a comment or question below.

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