Reopening Friday February 1st 2013

Ex Cyclone Oswald caused significant damage to many Queensland homes & businesses including Alma Park Zoo.   The Zoo will reopen on Friday, February 1st to after work crews cleared storm debris.

Animals may bite, but not as hard as Mother Nature’s force as she toppled trees and caused a power outages on Sunday night across South East Queensland.  Power was restored to the Zoo on Tuesday morning.

Clearing one of the Zoo paths from a fallen tree on Monday.

Four fallen trees are being cleared away, along with tree limbs and leaf debris.  All the paths and animal exhibits are also being cleared of debris as well.

Prior to the wild weather expected from Cyclone Ozwald, staff ensured the safety of all animals during the storm by moving them to denning areas protected from severe weather.

As a result, we are pleased to report that no animals were harmed during the storm.

We will open again to the public on Friday, February 1st.


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