Red Panda Day at Alma

On Sunday, September 22nd, join us to celebrate Red Pandas, encourage your kids to become Red Panda Rangers and help contribute to the conservation activities of the Red Panda Network!

International Red Panda Day is the day to celebrate Red Pandas and raise awareness about the plight of the Red Panda in the wild.

RedPandaRangerRed Panda Rangers

Children can participate in Red Panda Day by becoming a Red Panda Ranger!  Our goal is to create as many new Red Panda Rangers as possible in a single day!

A Red Panda Ranger is a child who has learned about red pandas and is ready to spread the word about the importance of conservation. To help children learn about red pandas, Red Panda Network ( has created this special International Red Panda Day activity book.

Download this book and participate in activities at the Zoo to become a Red Panda Ranger!

Event Ambassadors

Our Event Ambassadors are our Red Panda brothers Nima & Dawa.  The brothers arrived at Alma Park Zoo in 2009 and have since been ambassadors for Red Panda Conservation by being part of the Animal Encounters Program.

Special Activities Program

Sunday, September 22nd

Time Activity Location
9.00am Alma Opens!
Please refer to Visitor Information for Admission Pricing.
10:00 am – 2:00 pm Face Painting Presentation Park
10:00 am – 2:00 pm Red Panda Activities Presentation Park
10:30 am BBQ Presentation Park
11:15 am Emma Dale Special Presentation Red Panda Exhibit
4.00pm Alma closed.

Special Guests

Emma Dale from the Red Panda Network

Emma Dale from the Red Panda Network

Emma Dale, the Australian Outreach Volunteer from the Red Panda Network will be attending to give a special presentation on Red Pandas.   Emma’s Bio is profiled below:

My love for red pandas started at a young age at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, where I learned about their plight and the devastating reality that one day they might not exist at all.

From then on I knew what my purpose in life was, to save red pandas (as cliché as that sounds). That passion eventuated into action in 2011 when I had the pleasure of seeing two 3 month old cubs in their natural habitat in the Eastern highlands of Nepal. After returning from Nepal I began with hands-on outreach from Australia. We founded our Red Panda Roots and Shoots education group, and I traveled to various zoos across Australia talking to the public, youth groups, and Zoo officials about the issues surrounding the Red Pandas and how they can help. RPN’s Australia volunteers will hopefully be an active tool to help conserve Red Pandas in the wild.

We are always looking for more volunteers to help with administration, outreach, and merchandising in Australia so if you have some time to spare feel free to contact me. I am currently studying ecology and conservation at Brisbane’s Griffith University, in the hopes that I will one-day work more closely with the Red Pandas in Nepal.  You can reach me at:”



If you have any questions about our Red Panda Day, please leave a comment or question below.

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