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We would like to thank our wonderful volunteers, staff and local businesses who contributed to the repairs and clean up following Ex Cyclone Ozwald.

The storm cell from Ex Cyclone Ozwald that hit Dakabin on Sunday January 27th, 2013 certainly caused significant damage to many homes and businesses in the area.   Alma Park Zoo was not immune to the damage.  Storm debris and damage to some of the enclosures kept the Zoo closed for four days to allow repairs and clearing to occur.  Thankfully none of the animals were injured during the storm.

A large tree narrowly missed one of the toilet blocks within the Zoo. This picture shows a before and after.

A number of local businesses assisted our volunteers and staff with massive task of clearing and repairs.  We would like to formally thank the following local businesses for their service and assistance:

Michael Patton Fencing

Thank you Michael Patton, for coming to Alma to repair fences that were damaged by fallen trees.   Micheal’s work ensured all fences were secure for the safety of the animals.

Phone: 0433 215 485 Email:

B & R Tree Services

Thank you to Rod, Rohan & Dan from B & R Tree Services.  We greatly appreciate the time spent by B & R Tree Services removing large fallen trees and felling standing trees that were badly damaged.

Phone: 07 3264 6398 Web:

MJ Sails

Thank you to the team of MJ Sails who quickly attended to the job of replacing shade sails that were damaged by the storm in Presentation Park.

Phone: 0431 828 078

Special Thank you

Of course a special thank you to all the Staff and Volunteers of Alma!   Keepers, Grounds Staff, Ticketing Staff, Cafe Staff and Volunteers all worked tirelessly for four days clearing the damage caused by the storm.   Without their hard work, Alma would not have been able to reopen within four days following the devastation left by Ex Cyclone Ozwald.


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