Family Pass Finalists

We have 24 finalists in our Family Pass Competition who provided the correct answer to our photo question!  All finalists will go into a draw for three Family Passes to be drawn tomorrow morning.

In our recent competition for a Family Pass for a day at Alma, participants were required to provide the names the two animals photographed in the picture below.   We received over a hundred entries with 24 people providing the correct answer to the question.

Which two animals are captured in this photograph?

The Answer

The correct answer was Water Dragon and Eastern Grey Kangaroo.  The clues in the photo where:

  • Bright yellow colouring of the Water Dragon,
  • The little ‘horns’ on the Water Dragons neck,
  • The dark tip of the kangaroos tail.
  • The soft grey colouring of kangaroo’s tail defining it from a wallaby or Red Kangaroo.


Water Dragon and Eastern Grey Kangaroo.

Our Winners:

Our winners will be announced tomorrow morning at 10:30am on our website and Facebook page (   The names of the 24 finalists will be drawn randomly by one of our Alma Animals.

Our Finalists:

Congratulations to the following people who provided the correct answer to our question! Best of luck in tomorrows draw!

  • Jenny Bishop
  • Michelle Byers
  • Millie Chua
  • Peta Coleman
  • Jayde Collyer
  • Diana Dona
  • Gemma Edney
  • Lee Giles
  • Sarah Hermann
  • Gabrielle Irvin-Speck
  • Lisa King
  • Kerry McKenzie
  • Bev McMahon
  • Tracey Muddle
  • Kim Parker
  • Amy Peterie
  • Cherie Smith
  • Tanya Stevenson
  • Kylie Stewart
  • Tracey Thomson
  • Kate Thornton
  • Trevor De Silva
  • Rex Ward
  • Belinda Wilson


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