THE money has been counted and it is official – Alma Park Zoo’s Giant Garage Sale has raised an impressive $1,000 for Wildlife Asia.

The Garage Sale was held on Saturday, May 19 and sold a variety of items generously donated by Zoo staff and the public.

The Sale was a part of a nationwide “Garage Sale Trail” raising money for Wildlife Asia  which helps a variety of endangered rain forest animals including the Orang-utan, Silvery gibbon, Rhino, Bears, Elephants and Tigers.

Wildlife Asia Partnerships Manager Scott Lyall said he was impressed with the work by Alma Park Zoo to raise money for Wildlife Asia.

“Alma Park Zoo is a great example of what we hoped to achieve with the Garage Sale appeal for Wildlife Asia,” he said.

“We hope the Zoo will do it again next year and that others will follow their example. Asian rainforests and wildlife will benefit when they do.”

Curator Dr Heather Hesterman noted staff members at the Zoo felt a strong sense of responsibility to raise awareness and support conservation initiatives for endangered animals on a global scale.

“Alma Park Zoo is home to several threatened Asiatic species including a Malayan Sun Bear and Red Pandas. We are fortunate to be involved in ex situ (captive) conservation programs but also need to contribute to preservation of in situ (wild) populations and their natural habitat,” she said.