CONCHETTA, the cotton-top tamarind monkey, has found happiness with a new man more than a year after her abduction from Alma Park Zoo while heavily pregnant with twins.

The 12-year-old gave birth earlier this month, delighting zookeepers who feared she would never be found after she was kidnapped with her former mate, Tonto, in October 2010.

Tonto was found bludgeoned to death soon after the abduction, but Conchetta remained missing for four months.

She was handed in to a wildlife park, south of Sydney, and returned to Alma Park Zoo, after being sold on the internet. The fate of her twins is unknown, but they are unlikely to have survived, given the male rears the babies. Despite her traumatic past, Conchetta has found a new mate, Manny, and they are the proud parents of a 19-day-old baby, weighing about 75g.

“The tiny baby is suckling well and growing fast, and both Manny and Conchetta are doing an excellent job of rearing their first infant,” the zoo’s Wildlife Operations Manager Heather Hesterman said.

 Dr Hesterman said the public would be asked to help name the new addition to the zoo.