Maly’s Cele-BEAR-ation was a Grand Event!

We celebrated Maly the Sunbear’s 5th Birthday on Sunday March 31st raising $1000 to be donated to the Free the Bears Fund!

Every year Alma celebrate the birthday of Maly the Sunbear and raise funds for Free the Bears.   The Free the Bears Fund was founded in 1993 by Mary Hutton in Perth after she saw a TV segment that showed horrifying footage of Asiatic Black Bears being farmed for bile.

Since 1993, the Free the Bears Fund has successfully rescued Bears in Asia and employ strategies that include environmental education, conservation research and strengthened law enforcement to achieve their mission of protecting, preserving and enriching the lives of bears throughout the world.

The staff and volunteers of Alma Park Zoo are happy to support the objectives of the Free the Bears Fund via fund raising with special events and assisting with raising awareness of the plight of Bears in Asia.

On Sunday March 31st, Alma Park Zoo cele-BEAR-ated the 5th birthday of Maly the Sunbear with a Teddy Bears Picnic, Pin the Tongue on Maly, a Kids Colouring in Competition and of course sharing presents with Maly.  Esther and Shyler where the winners of our Colouring In Competition.  Congratulations Esther and Shyler!

Shyler’s winning entry in the Colouring In Competition

Another highlight of the day was the Teddy Bear Health Check sessions with Dr Heather.  Children and adults all brought their teddy bears to participate in the annual Teddy Bears Picnic.  We were delighted to see so many Bears!   We had a teddy bear with a touch of ‘sun burn’ and a senior bear aged 49 years named Ted attend the Health Checks with Dr Heather.   We were delighted to see so many Teddy Bears at the Picnic and we hope to see Ted next year for his 50th year for a check up too!

Teddy Bears at Maly’s Cele-BEAR-ation, 2013.


Of course, the birthday girl, Maly also had a lot of fun opening her presents made by children on the day!

Maly enjoying her Birthday treats. (Photo Credit: Jarrod Schenk)


Maly at her own Teddy Bears Picnic. (Photo Credit: Jarrod Schenk)

Special Thank You

Thank you to all who attended Marly’s Cele-BEAR-ation and Teddy Bears Picnic.  A special thank you goes out to all the fantastic people who assisted to make Maly’s Cele-BEAR-ations such a success!

  • Jens Fun Cake Designs:  Jens Fun Cake Designs provided Maly’s Birthday Cake for all to enjoy.
  • Free the Bears Fund:  Donated a signed Mary Hutton Autobiography Book for our prize raffles
  • Rare Bags: Donated a beautifully custom designed Bear bag for our prize raffles.  Rare Bags make bags from recycled and remnant fabrics to help raise awareness of environmental issues.
  • Alma Volunteers: For always being especially awesome on Event Days and assisting with all the activities!


The Staff and Volunteers of Alma Park Zoo who helped make Cele-BEAR-ating Malys 5th Birthday a fun event for all.




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