How animals become endangered

At Alma Park Zoo, we are committed to educating people about the conservation of wildlife.  During our daily Keeper Presentations, we discuss how and why certain species of animals that we have at Alma are threatened in the wild.

Firstly – what does Endangered actually mean?   These species meet a specific series of “listing criteria” through the IUCN, including “an observed, estimated, inferred or suspected reduction of at least 50% [population numbers] over the last 10 years or three generations, whichever is the longer.”

We found a fantastic infographic for that provides a summary of how and why animals are becoming endangered across the world.

The three primary issues that are threatening wildlife include:

  1. Climate Change
  2. Poaching
  3. Habitat Loss

How We're Endangering Animals

Via Certification Map: Masters in Education and MAT@USC

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