We have 24 finalists in our Family Pass Competition who provided the correct answer to our photo question!  All finalists will go into a draw for three Family Passes to be drawn tomorrow morning.


In our recent competition for a Family Pass for a day at Alma, participants were required to provide the names the two animals photographed in the picture below.   We received over a hundred entries with 24 people providing the correct answer to the question.

The Answer

The correct answer was Water Dragon and Eastern Grey Kangaroo.  The clues in the photo where:

  • Bright yellow colouring of the Water Dragon,
  • The little ‘horns’ on the Water Dragons neck,
  • The dark tip of the kangaroos tail.
  • The soft grey colouring of kangaroo’s tail defining it from a wallaby or Red Kangaroo.


Our Winners:

Our winners will be announced tomorrow morning at 10:30am on our website and Facebook page  The names of the 24 finalists will be drawn randomly by one of our Alma Animals.

Our Finalists:

Congratulations to the following people who provided the correct answer to our question! Best of luck in tomorrows draw!

  • Jenny Bishop
  • Michelle Byers
  • Millie Chua
  • Peta Coleman
  • Jayde Collyer
  • Diana Dona
  • Gemma Edney
  • Lee Giles
  • Sarah Hermann
  • Gabrielle Irvin-Speck
  • Lisa King
  • Kerry McKenzie
  • Bev McMahon
  • Tracey Muddle
  • Kim Parker
  • Amy Peterie
  • Cherie Smith
  • Tanya Stevenson
  • Kylie Stewart
  • Tracey Thomson
  • Kate Thornton
  • Trevor De Silva
  • Rex Ward
  • Belinda Wilson