Don’t laugh, you’d probably look startled too if you were the size of a mobile phone.

It’s taken them a few months but pygmy marmoset (that’s Callithrix pygmaea for all you boffins) Penne and Pesto have finally settled into their new Alma Park Zoo home.

The South American primates arrived in Brisbane from a zoo in Mogo in New South Wales a few months ago, but took some time to get adapted.

At only 10cm long and 100 grams, pygmy marmosets are the world’s smallest living monkey but wildlife operations manager Heather Hesterman said there was no chance of the zoo’s newest residents suffering a boot-related mishap. “They are always up in the vines,” she said. “They are found in forested areas and have special adaptations for climbing and can move rapidly about the canopy like little squirrels.”

In that canopy, they’ll be hunting down insects, one of the few creatures smaller than them, and searching out tree sap gum.

Penne and Pesto are part of a breeding program and may have mates selected for them at some stage, but for now, these minuscule monkey’s are the only ones of their kind in Queensland.