Have a look at the wild side

This is something you’ll find entertaining during the quarantine period. Although wildlife centres around the globe are closing due to the coronavirus epidemic, some zoos and aquariums set up live webcams that allow them to bring the Zoo into your home. Keep reading if you are looking for live streaming of penguin feedings or elephant sightings!

These live streaming animals are adorable but can also be distracting. If you’re working remotely, be cautious.

Melbourne Zoo

Australia is well-known for its wildlife. It has some of the most renowned wildlife centres globally, including Melbourne Zoo. You can still see some of the wild animals at Melbourne Zoo, including snow leopards, elephants, and lions, through Zoo Victoria’s Animal House – all you have to do is watch live stream webcams.

Smithsonian National Zoo

Can’t sleep? Watch 24/7 live webcams from the Smithsonian National Zoo of many animals, including elephants, lions, and naked mole rats. The centre also has a camera set up for Tian Tian and Mei Xang, their beloved pandas.

International Wolf Centre

This is a great way to get up close and personal with wolves if you have never had the chance. The International Wolf Centre provides a 24-hour streaming service so that visitors from all around the world can learn more about wolves. Visit the website to meet the pack: Boltz, Grayson, Ali, and Denali at the ExhibitPack!

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo has over 3,500 animals. It is the largest animal facility in the world. Although you can’t see all 3500 species at once, the Zoo has a page that allows visitors to access live streams of just a few animals, including condors, owls and pandas, tigers, penguins and polar bears.

To engage potential visitors to the Zoo and anyone else interested in learning more about animals, staff and zookeepers have been doing Facebook Lives every day. You can keep up to date on this too! They adopted a koala Joey, Omeo, just a few days ago.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Although Monterey Bay Aquarium is closed, they still have live streaming. For the moment, viewers can watch adorable webcams of penguins and sea otters. They also offer aviary cams and coral reef cams, as well as a jellyfish cam, an open sea cam, a Monterey Bay beach camera, and a jellyfish cam.

Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa

Tembe Elephant Reserve is one of the most impressive elephant reserves globally and home to some of Africa’s largest elephants. You can learn more about the daily routine of these gentle giants by visiting Tembe Elephant Park’s 24-hour stream that captures them drinking, bathing, and interacting with other animals in reserve.

Georgia Aquarium

It would be great to explore the underwater world. Georgia Aquarium allows you to experience that underwater adventure right from your living room. The aquarium’s website has a variety of webcams that you can use to explore the area. You can click through the Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef Reef Webcam to see the sea-creature and share it with your friends! Visit their website to give you a glimpse into the fascinating world of piranha feeding and the peaceful sensation of a beluga whale moving through your screen.

Shedd Aquarium

It’s funny to see Shedd Aquarium’s hilarious video on the internet. Although Shedd Aquarium is closed, staff allowed their penguins to roam the grounds. 

Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo offers educational entertainment for all ages, from leafcutter ants and giraffes to suit your needs. You can see the animals live on their webcams, such as rhinos and elephants. This interactive experience is the best because you can zoom in and control the camera views to see details that interest you.


Explore.org allows anyone to access some of the most incredible wildlife in the world – and luckily, Explore.org offers a variety of webcams. This wildlife streaming platform offers everything you need, whether you’re looking to see Alaskan Brown Bears river hunting, the slow daily life of Gorillas at GRACE Center, and China’s giant pandas perched upon bamboos.