“Gomez” the Emperor tamarin has flown around the globe from Aalborg Zoo in Denmark to Queensland as part of an important international breeding agreement.

The Emperor tamarin (Saguinus imperator) is a small South American monkey restricted to the forests of the Amazon basin in Brazil, Peru and Bolivia.

Both males and females are distinctive for their long white moustache – and so named after German Emperor Wilhelm II.

Gomez arrives at Alma Park Zoo.

This special delivery has been four years in the making. There are only 10 other Emperor tamarins in Australia, all managed through the European Endangered Species Program (EEP). Select zoos outside of Europe are able to participate depending on their level of skills and success with particular species.

Alma Park Zoo is well known for its’ primate species, including the Endangered Cotton-top tamarin, and has an excellent breeding record. “Being invited to participate in the EEP is a special honour and we are pleased to be able to exhibit such a unique primate species”, said Curator, Dr Heather Hesterman.

Another Emperor tamarin will soon join “Gomez” in his new, tropical home. The female is currently in quarantine and will soon make her journey all the way from a zoo in France. It is hoped that the pair will produce offspring and secure their role in this international breeding program.