Zoo Etiquette Guidelines

For animal wellbeing, your safety, and common courtesy to other Alma Park Zoo visitors, please review the following Etiquette Guidelines before visiting Alma Park Zoo.

  • Smoke Free: Alma Park Zoo is a smoke free Zoo for the health and happiness of guests and animals.
  • Feeding Animals: The animals are on diets made specifically for their nutritional needs.  Food for people is not part of their menu, please do not share your food with them.  If you would like to feed some of our animals, specially prepared feed bags are available to our guests.
  • Enclosures: Please do not upset or frighten the animals by tapping or banging on enclosure glass or wire.  You may also cause harm to the animal by throwing objects or food into their enclosures.
  • Security Fences: Please respect the security fences within the Zoo. These fences exist for the protection and safety of animals and our guests.
  • Plant Life: Help us preserve all the beautiful plants in our 40 acre historic Zoo! Please do not climb the trees, pick flowers or disturb the landscaping.
  • Photography & Video: We welcome you to take photographs and video of your visit to Alma, but please be aware that this is for personal use only.  Permission is required for photography or video specifically created for commercial purpose at Alma Park Zoo.
  • Recycling & Litter: Please help the environment and keep the Zoo clean by recycling and placing litter in provided garbage bins.
  • Pets: For the health of the animals at Alma, no pets are permitted in the Zoo.
  • Inappropriate Behaviours:  If another person is behaving inappropriately or dangerously within the Zoo, they will be escorted from the premises.  If you witness someone acting in this behaviour, please contact a Zoo Staff Member.
  • Rain checks or refunds: Please be aware that you may not see every animal listed when you visit and their locations are subject to change.  Animals need rest and privacy in their off-exhibit areas, so they may not always be available for viewing.  Alma Park Zoo does not issue rain checks or refunds for this or for inclement weather, but please come back and visit us soon.

Tips for Viewing Animals

You will have a better chance of seeing some of our animals up-close by showing respect in the following ways:

  • Provide space. Peacocks, guinea fowl, kangaroos, wallabies & emus roam free on Zoo grounds or within walk through enclosures.  Please respect their space.
  • Slow Approach. Approach animals quietly and avoid sudden movements that may startle or frighten the animals.
  • Conversation Voices: Please use conversation voices rather than loud yelling voices. Loud voices may frighten the animals and they will remain in their dens until the loud noises stop.